Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Cast members will be provided with a costume based on the character they represent.

In addition to the main costume however, each student is asked to bring from home the clothing listed below based on the character. This clothing should be labeled; it will be placed with the costume provided by the school. The clothing will stay at school, be used for all four performances and will go home with the student after the final performance.

If the actors have an old pair of running shoes at home that can remain at school then please do so.

PLEASE ensure that the shoes and additional clothing listed below is at school By Friday February 2, 2018
A) Elders: males and females are asked to wear black/dark pants/leggings/tights on the days of the performance but need NOT bring clothing in beforehand.
B) Students: males and females need to bring in to school white knee socks or tube socks or tights. Note that a plain white tee or tank top is needed for performances. Costumes will go over this top.
C) Hooligans: males and females knee socks any color and any design
D) Gamers: males and females cargo pants or loose fitting pants or skirt with colored tights/leggings to be left at school for performance.

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